"I wasn't sure what to do" It was the first time we owned anything expensive. Electronic equipment can be pricy sometimes and also a target for burglars. Now, im not sure if they were proffesionals or not, but they didn't stick arround once the alarm went off. I was notified right away that someone broke into our house and when I got home the police were already there. The front door was wide open but nothing was taken.

"They didn't stick arround once the alarm went off"

Know your home

Use this guide to choose which Safe Home Security package is right for your home.

Door contact: All doors that exit or enter the house must have a contact. Can be set with a delay time or as instant.
Window contact: Useful for instant perimeter protection. Window contacts will trigger the alarm the moment the window is opened. Even if alarm is set on away mode. Very useful for those that want to keep the house armed at night.
Motion sensor: Useful for interior protection. If the alarm has not been triggered when someone has entered the house, the motion sensor is the secondary protection against break-ins. Install these components in central travel areas, such as hall ways and stair cases. Use to protect main living areas or rooms where the most valuable possesions are kept in storage.

List of all available components

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Current customers
          Can add on to existing system
         Does not effect current monitoring bill

New customers
         Combination packages available
         May make you eligible for a discount on your home owner's insurance

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