Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get the beeping noise to stop?

For most alarm systems, the beeping noise cannot be stopped unless the system is completely powered down or the problem is fixed. Except for the Simon GE systems. For the Simon systems, open the keypad cover, enter your code with the red numbers and press delete - option - done, In that order.

Q. Why is my system beeping?

Typically there are two reasons for a beeping noise. One reason is that the system is counting down a delay time. Check to see if your system is being armed without your knowledge. The second reason is because the system wants you to know there is a trouble status. Check the manual for your security system.

Q. Do I need a phone line for the system to work?

You have two options as to how you want your alarm system to transmit signals. One is by your home phone lines, in wich case if you disconnect your phone line your alarm will lose its ability to send a signal. Or you can use our cellular service, where you dont need a phone service for your home and the alarm can send a signal by itself.

Q. Why did the alarm system stop announcing when the door is opened?

Your contact for the door may have stopped working so that it is unable to send a signal to the keypad. Another possiblity is that you may have accidentally turned the chime feature off. (Available on almost all systems)

Q. What is the response time for the alarm system?

A properly working system transmits the signals to us within moments. Actual police response time can vary depending on the current events and local police department. Once your alarm system signal is received we imediately call the home. If no one answers or if no one can verify the password then we call the police. (Call list instructions may vary due to local policies or by personal request from the customer)

Q. Will motion sensors work with pets?

Yes, motion sensors can be adjusted to disregard small animals. For families with larger pets, we suggest protecting your home with window contacts and glass break detectors.

Q. What do I do if I move?

Our customer service department will help you in setting up an appointment for uninstalling the system. You will get to keep the system with you until you move into your new home. Once there our customer service department will help you in setting up an installation appointment. Be sure to call ahead by at least two weeks to set up the first appointment.

Q. How do I test my equipment?

All you need to do is call us at 1-800-833-3211 and ask our customer service representative to run a test for you. Testing is an important part of owning your alarm system and it is recommended that you test your system once a month.

Q. I don't have enough time to disarm the alarm system, how can I adjust that?

All alarm system are different but your delay time can be adjusted by either instructions from one of our customer service represantives or by a technician visiting your home.

Q. I want to use my motion sensor at night, but I am affraid of setting them off, What do I do?

In this situation, we recommend installing a second keypad in the bedroom. Second keypads offer the ability to disarm and arm the system from another part of the house. Another benefit is that most secondary keypads come with special emergency buttons, giving you the ability to contact emergency services quickly.

Q. How close does my door contact have to be to the magnet?

When the door is closed, the contact must be at least a 1/4 of an inch from the magnet.

Q. I lost power to my house, my alarm system is now beeping and all the lights are off, what do I do?

Typically, the alarm will stop beeping by itself when the power comes back on. When the power goes out, most alarm system types will go into a power save mode where the lights either dim or turn off completely. At this point, there is no electricity in your home so the alarm system is running on its back up battery. You can still use the alarm system to protect your home at this point and you can do this by arming the system like normal. Back up batteries for alarm system will last approximately 12 hours and are usually rechargeable.

Q. My house has electricity but it looks like there is no power to the system, what do I do?

First, find where the security system is plugged in, make sure that it is indeed plugged in. If so check the outlet to see if there is power to it. If both cases check out ok, call our customer service department and schedule an appointment for a technician to come out.

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