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Fire alarm system "The alarm system works. I'm especially talking about the fire system. I was at home sleeping when a fire started in my living room. I didn't know it at the time, but my house was burning down because of an electrical fire. Because of the alarm system, the fire department was called before i woke up. In fact, it was the fire fighters who brought me to conciousness outside my house. These alarm systems save lives, they alert the right people when you can't."

"Because of the alarm, the fire department was called before I woke up"

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Monitored smoked detectors: Minimum requirements is one monitored smoke detector on each floor. Smoke detectors should be placed on cielings or high up on a wall.

CO detector: Monitors for CO gas. CO gas is a deadly, oderless gas. Alarm will sound to alert anyone in the house. Alerts also are sent to the local emergency services. CO detectors belong next to any fossil fuel burning device such as your furnace.

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