Portable Medical Pendant Testimonial

Portable Medical Pendant "My life was saved. When I fell in the shower I was home by myself. It was your typical day, you know, you start off by taking a shower. Well, when I was in there I slipped and fractured a part of my pelvis. There was no one arround to hear me yell for help. Luckily, well maybe not luckily, I had my medical pendant with me. The ambulance arrived promptly after I pressed the button."

"Luckily... I had my medical pendant with me"

The pendant

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Medical pendant / watch: Portable device. The medical pendant is a portable device that can transmit a signal from anywhere inside your house. Easy to use, the pendant is designed for elderly and the not so techonoligal saavy user.

Simon III: Capable of 2 way talk service. You can contact back and forth between our live representative through the speaker, meaning that someone can be in contact without use of the phone. ( phone service must be compatable )

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