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Two business people using their business security system from the computer

5 Business Security System Necessities for Securing a Small Business

By safehomesecuri-October 29, 2019 -No Comments

As a business owner, it’s always a priority to keep your employees, customers, and assets safe from emergencies like

Jack-o-lanterns through the doorbell camera on halloween

Trick the Trick or Treaters with the Doorbell Camera on Halloween

By safehomesecuri-October 21, 2019 -No Comments

The spooky season is here, and soon our neighborhoods will be flooded with trick or treaters on Halloween night!

Mother and Father helping their daughter with her homework

3 Ways a Home Security System Can Save You Money

By safehomesecuri-October 21, 2019 -No Comments

Having a home security system is a great way to feel safer at home. Whether you’re home or not,

delivery man walking to a front door and waving to a outdoor home security camera

Read This Before You Set Up Home Security Cameras

By safehomesecuri-September 25, 2019 -No Comments

If you’re thinking about setting up home security cameras, you’re probably facing a ton of questions right now. Where

Safe Home Security outdoor Wireless Security Camera

5 of the Best Places to Put Home Security Cameras

By safehomesecuri-September 24, 2019 -No Comments

So you’re thinking about getting some home security cameras. Now, you’re wondering where you would put them. Do you

Furnace in a basement after being cleaned and prepared for the winter season

Before You Turn on the Heat, Check These Cold Weather Tips for Homes

By safehomesecuri-September 10, 2019 -No Comments

As excited as we were for the start of summer, it’s already passed us by! From here on out

Mom walking daughter to the bus stop to go back to school

Back-to-School Safety Tips for Parents and Kids

By safehomesecuri-August 15, 2019 -No Comments

The long summer days are quickly becoming shorter, and the next school season is right around the corner. Everywhere

Two siblings using the connected door lock to come inside the house without a key

The “Smartest” Hiding Place for Your Spare Key

By safehomesecuri-August 7, 2019 -No Comments

Back-to-school season is upon us. Parents everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief knowing that their kids will be

Controlling the smart thermostat temperature from an ipad or phone

The Smartest Way to Stay Cool and Save This Summer

By safehomesecuri-July 27, 2019 -No Comments

It’s hot! With many areas across the U.S. reaching their highest temperatures of the year, staying cool is on

swimming pool that is childproofed with a home security system

3 Ways to Childproof Your Swimming Pool with Your Security System

By safehomesecuri-July 22, 2019 -No Comments

When summer comes around, the first thing you do is hit the pool to get out of the heat.