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3 Things Your Home Security Monitoring Service Wants You to Know

Help Us Help You with These Smart Tips

When you’re trying to protect your Orlando, FL property, a home security monitoring service is your best friend. You can simplify security with another trusted pair of eyes. If something goes wrong, you can count on an experienced agent to alert you and notify the authorities if necessary.

But you can’t depend on them for everything — remote monitoring works best when you stay vigilant and ensure your system is running optimally. Don’t worry; it’s not hard! Here, we’ll show you some smart tips your monitoring service wants you to know.


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Keep Views Clear

A surveillance system is only as good as what it can see. Night vision, weatherproofing, and 4K resolution all mean your cameras are up to the task, day or night. And the right storage, whether an onsite DVR or cloud-based service, means you can keep hours of footage that makes it easy to catch bad guys and harmful events in the act.

But exterior cameras can’t survive without regular service. The machine will work, but things like overgrown trees and spider webs can interfere with visibility. To get the most out of your system, ensure you’re keeping your views clear.


Protecting Your Network

One of the essential functions of a monitoring service is preventing problems before they become too big to handle. That includes potential dangers to your network. With technology increasingly reliant on the internet and Wi-Fi, it’s essential to understand that hackers, malware, and viruses can invade your system without you noticing.

Setting up firewalls and password protection is a must. Possible invasions are much more likely if you haven’t installed the necessary software guards. Most cybercriminals — like any other criminal — will pounce on the easiest targets. So, if you take a few precautions, your system is much less likely to be attacked.

Additionally, smart home owners and automation enthusiasts should consider building their ecosystems on Z-wave or similar networking platforms. Z-wave connects each device to the others in a mesh network that won’t strangle your Wi-Fi. It’s known as the safest networking platform available.

Still, if malicious threats attack your home, your monitoring service will be there to help you out.


Compatibility is Key

When you build a system derived from different manufacturers, you need to ensure each device works with the others. Thankfully, your installer is an expert in knowing which systems work well together.

However, it’s possible for an automatic update to disrupt compatibility. One day you can wake up and your cameras don’t work with your alarm system if you’re not careful. It’s very frustrating for users.

Relying on your monitoring system to update your system is essential. So is trusting your integrator to guide you to the right options. When you work with the right monitoring service, you can count on your local technology experts to help you out with any questions.


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