There’s nothing quite like the booming of 4th of July fireworks to ring in the Summer. It’s a great time of year to bring your family together to enjoy the warm weather and have some fun while celebrating Independence Day! While things like sparklers and home fireworks add an exciting element to the holiday, remember that they can also be dangerous! Check out these tips for ensuring you and your family have a safe and fun 4th of July this year.

Beware of the Fire Hazards

The fire department is always on high alert during this time of year. Every year, there are thousands of holiday-related fires on the 4th of July. The biggest hazards are the same things that make the 4th of July so special — grilling and fireworks!

Outdoor grilling is a big summer tradition, but there are more grill fires in July than any other month in the year! So before hosting your party on the 4th, inspect your grill for potential leaks, and never leave it unattended even if the lid is closed!

Fireworks and sparklers are also a fun 4th of July festivity that can quickly turn into a potential hazard. Make sure to use any fireworks in a clear, outdoor area that is at least 10 feet from anything that could potentially catch fire. When you’re finished, soak them in water before throwing them away to prevent any fuses from catching fire.

Keep an Eye on the Pool Area

Will your summer 4th of July party involve any water activities? While tons of fun, pools can be a potential risk, especially to small children. So keeping an eye on the pool area is crucial for a safe and fun holiday.

If your pool area is surrounded by a gate, we recommend installing an outdoor sensor on the pool gate so that you can be notified if it’s opened during your party. You can even use open tones to set up announcements from your home security system when the gate is opened so that you can keep an ear on the area as well.

Stay Connected If You Go Out

If you’re headed away for the evening to go see the public showing of your town’s fireworks, you’re not alone. Many people go out to watch the fireworks. A street filled with empty homes could seem like an open invitation for property theft!

We recommend staying connected to home with a security system that has mobile notifications. If something happens when you’re away, you’ll see it right on your phone. If you have home cameras installed as well, you’ll be able to view a live feed from your phone too! So regardless of what’s happening when you’re away, you’ll know home is safe and within arms reach.

Have a Safe and Fun 4th of July!

Now that you have these safety tips in mind, it’s time to make this 4th of July one to remember. We hope that you have a safe and enjoyable holiday with your family with lots of fireworks and grilling!