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Simple Tips to Keep Your Home and Family Secure

Easy actions you can take to make sure nothing happens to you or your loved ones

Keeping your home safe is one of those things we all know is important but tends to slip into the background of our lives. But keeping your family secure isn’t something to ignore, as doing so can have drastic consequences. That’s why you need a home alarm system from Safe Home Security for your Orlando residence. Our security experts will install a top-of-the-line system in your home, and we’ve put together this list of other steps you can take to ensure nothing happens to your family.

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If you’re away from your home and you know you have someone stopping by, a spare key in an out-of-the-way place sounds like a practical solution. Don’t fall into this trap, however. If your spare key is in a place where your visitors can find it, chances are potential criminals can find it as well. You’re better off giving the key to your guests before you leave.

Better yet, let automation solve the issue; modern security systems can include things like smart locks that can either be unlocked remotely by you or with a code you can give out to trusted friends and family. This option is much preferable than giving potential thieves an easy way to break into your home.


Your doors and first-floor windows are the most obvious points of entry for potential criminals, but there are other ways for them to break in as well. Determined burglars will find any number of ways to enter your home, whether that means bringing a ladder to reach a window or forcing their way into your garage and then your home.

The solution here is to install a comprehensive alarm system that encompasses every potential access point. Our expert staff can create an easy-to-use system that envelops your whole home from basement to attic, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.


If you’re on vacation and your home alarm goes off, it’s crucial to have someone respond as fast as possible. If you’re in an area with poor cellphone reception or are tied up with other obligations, it may be hours before you find out what happened, and by that point it’s too late to make any meaningful response.

The answer to this dilemma is 24-hour professional monitoring from a company like Safe Home Security. We’ll let you know the minute something has happened to your home and take appropriate action, ensuring a rapid response to any situation.

While we strongly recommend you have someone else monitoring your alarm system for you at all times, that may not be practical for everyone. If that’s the case, you should at least make sure your system sends alerts to your phone if an incident occurs and that you can check your system’s status whenever you want. These features are vital to ensuring the continued security of your home.

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