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3 Things You Didn’t Know Your Security Camera System Could Do

The Latest Tech Helps Protect You from the Latest Threats

By now you probably realize the necessity of installing a robust, reliable home security camera system. It’s an easy way to keep your eye on things at home, even when you’re miles away. But just because you understand the concept of smart cameras doesn’t mean you’re getting the most out of them.

So, how do you achieve better results with a smart security camera system in your Hartford, CT property? Find out here. 

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Color Night Vision

Earlier this month, Amazon updated its Ring doorbell cameras with HDR color night vision. The update allows users to see a full range of colors even in low light conditions, making objects easier to identify.

According to Digital Trends:

“All Ring devices with cameras support night vision. In the past, the infrared sensors used for Ring’s night vision captured monochromatic images and video. With the new color capability in Ring’s night vision, owners will be able to discern more detail for greater protection.”

The update is available for hardwired systems and will soon be ready to launch with the tech giant’s wireless doorbells.

360-Degree Viewing Angles

Less common than bullet cameras, 360-degree cameras are a smart way to achieve full coverage of an entire room. You’d most likely benefit from placing these in a garage or small indoor space.

Cameras with 360-degree viewing angles come with app-based controls that allow you to scan images and identify the most critical parts throughout the room. You can also integrate them with a full, smart security system for even greater control and organization.

Facial Recognition

Artificial intelligence is a game-changer when it comes to home security. It can help protect your property from unknown threats, and it can also help you avoid false alarms that minimize the effectiveness of your system.

Among the most exciting technologies is facial recognition. With this software, your cameras can recognize the difference between the mail carrier and a stranger. It can help you identify anyone who’s approached your entryways and take action before they become a threat.

Additional AI technologies will continue to grow in 2019. For instance, predictive analytics can map out possible behaviors of anyone in view and can alert you if there’s a good chance they’ll trespass.

How can your home security camera system keep you safe this year? Find out by consulting your local security and surveillance expert. Click here to find out more.


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