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Location security camera for protecting indoor or outdoor properties

Protect Your Property with These Location Security Cameras

Keep a close eye on your property at all times with a CCTV system

Keeping the people and buildings on your land safe is one of the most important jobs of any property or development manager. But you can’t monitor every inch of your property yourself at all times, especially if you own or manage multiple developments.

This is what makes surveillance cameras such a valuable security tool. Cameras protect businesses by functioning as both a deterrent (if a potential intruder sees a camera, they’ll hopefully leave the area) and as a way to identify perpetrators. Let’s take a look at the best location camera options to use in the CCTV system of your Los Angeles property.

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One of the most important functions of surveillance cameras is to record what they see for later use. Usually that means relying on cloud storage to handle the archived footage, and the Netgear Arlo Q has a cloud storage option that’s hard to beat.

The Arlo Q allows you to store seven full days’ worth of recordings using their cloud service for free. The indoor camera boasts 1080p resolution and true night vision. Finally, you can manage the camera through an app or with Amazon’s Alexa system, as well as view the feed remotely 24/7. As far as starter indoor cameras go, it’s hard to beat the Arlo Q.


If you have a particularly large area to cover, or perhaps multiple buildings, you want a camera system that can handle multiple feeds at once and scale up quickly. One noteworthy option to consider for this situation is the Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System.

The Zmodo wireless cameras come in packs of up to four. They’re wireless and weatherproof, which makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The night vision mode lets you see up to 65 feet away from the camera, and you get 720p resolution at all times.

The cameras send you an alert any time motion is detected, you can monitor any feed from an app on your phone, and their optional cloud recording service features intelligent monitoring technology to compress the recorded data during times when no motion is detected. There are 7-day and 30-day cloud storage plans available.


For the absolute top of the line in outdoor business security cameras, it’s hard to beat the Netatmo Presence. It has a higher price point, but you get a lot for your money.

To start, the Presence installs in any existing outdoor light switch. This is because the Presence also doubles as a floodlight to give your security system an added boost. The light can be turned on manually from an app or be set to a predetermined schedule.

More importantly, however, the Presence has some impressive software built into its frame. The camera is smart enough to distinguish between the movement of people, animals and cars. You also get 24/7 access to its video feed and free video storage. The data is stored on a microSD card on the camera itself, in your personal Dropbox cloud or to your personal FTP server. Lastly, the Presence works with Apple’s HomeKit and the Google Assistant.

These are just a few of the options available to help keep your Los Angeles property secure. To learn more about Safe Home Security’s commercial automation solutions, call us at 800-833-3211 or visit us online.


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