Today’s Security Systems Need To Protect Against Complex Threats

Today’s business owners face much more complicated security issues than in decades past, and that means your security system must adapt as well. You need to protect not only yourself and your employees, but your equipment and valuable data. That’s where Safe Home Security comes in. We specialize in security for both homes and businesses, and we have the expertise to build a custom system for you that’s both effective and easy to use. Here are three ways an automated business security system can keep your Hartford, CT business safe.

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While digital entry systems aren’t exactly new, they have gotten more advanced in recent years, and they’re still more secure than a lock and key.

One option to consider is keycards. Keycards are personalized to individual employees, so you can keep track of who’s going in and out of your building or into different rooms within your office. This means that even if an employee’s card is stolen, you’ll either be able to block their card from being used or know whose card they used to try to enter your business.

Alternatively, you could use a biometric security system. Biometric security works by using a characteristic unique to an employee, such as their thumbprint or fingerprint, to allow them into your office. Fingerprints and thumbprints can’t be lost, which means someone can’t break in by stealing a key or keycard, and the uniqueness of each identifying characteristic gives you a much clearer picture of who’s going where in your business. 


We’re firmly in the digital age, and that means business security has gone digital as well. Case in point, modern security cameras give you a 24/7 feed of what’s happening at your office from your phone or other smart device. Better still, these cameras can send you an alert if someone tries to break into your business, giving you the opportunity to take appropriate action.

Even if you’re still using traditional locks, you can incorporate automation to make them much more effective and easier to use. By overlaying them with smart locks, you can lock all your doors with one button press from a single device, which saves you time and makes it much less likely that you’ll forget to lock one of your entrances. Link your locks to your cameras to create a one-touch security blanket for your business.


Modern business security systems can take the task of securing your office out of your and your employees’ hands entirely. How? Through video analytics and geo-fencing.

Let’s start with video analytics. Having a camera over your door is nice, and it’s even better if that camera can send you updates, but what if your camera was smart enough to notice threats before they happen? Video analytics makes this possibility a reality. By using advanced artificial intelligence technology, your cameras can give you even more insight into potential threats, like a stranger who seems to be hanging around your front door for hours on end, and allow you to respond before anything bad happens.

Geo-fencing is another automated way to help keep your physical and digital assets secure. Geo-fencing involves creating predetermined zones in and around your business that limit access to certain areas or systems.

For instance, you could set up your system to automatically turn on your cameras, lock your doors and shut down access to your business’ files once you’ve left the parking lot. Another possibility is limiting access to certain files or systems to those who are within a certain physical distance of your building.

These are just a handful of ways an automated business security system can help you. To learn more about Safe Home Security’s commercial security solutions, call us at 800-833-3211 or visit us online.