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How Can Your Business Benefit from CCTV Solutions?

Minimize Threats with a Surveillance System

Keeping your Hartford, CT business secure is essential to a safe and productive workday. And while you may have considered alarms, entry systems, and sensors, you may also want to think about adding CCTV. A surveillance system can help keep track of events if a crime is committed, help you manage queues, and observe potentially hazardous behaviors before they become a problem. In this blog, we’ll show you how a CCTV can help your business thrive.

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What Is CCTV?

You may have heard the terms “closed-circuit television” and “security cameras” used interchangeably over the years, but they’re actually distinct devices and systems that can provide different results, depending on your needs.

A security camera is any camera used for security purposes. However, most modern “smart” security cameras are used in a specific way: they allow you to stream real-time footage to your computer or smartphone. They’re not designed to store footage, so they offer higher resolutions and often integrate with other security features, like your alarm system or entry system.

A CCTV system is a network of cameras that feed into an onsite monitoring station. Generally speaking, they offer lower quality footage, but they benefit from being especially hard to hack since they don’t rely on digital signals for connections. Businesses will usually hire a security professional to monitor the footage and take action as needed.


Why Install CCTV?

CCTV is one of the most useful security features of any business. Even though the technology is older, it can still help simplify business operations.

The most common experience many customers have with a CCTV system is the ceiling-mounted monitor and camera that’s visible in most department stores. The monitor lets visitors know that they’re being watched. This footage may or may not be recorded and stored, but the effect is the same.

Additionally, CCTV can be used to manage lines and other potential problems that go beyond security. From a remote location, managers can view what’s going on in a retail space and make determinations as to how to handle them.

Ultimately, though, the primary benefit of your CCTV system is that it is hard to tamper with. Thanks to physical connections between each camera and the monitoring station, potential hackers can’t use the internet to interfere with the stream of footage.


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