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Business Security Trends

Now Is the Time to Invest in Commercial Security Services

The New Year has arrived. And while that may mean an abundance of great opportunities for your Hartford, CT business, unexpected threats can also appear right around the corner.

In 2021, it’s best to stay ahead of the curve and make your company as safe as possible. So, if you need to upgrade your system or invest in new commercial security services, where do you start?

The modern security landscape is daunting. Get a head start on the security trends that will have a big impact on your workspace in the coming year by reading below.

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Stronger Cybersecurity Protection

It turns out 2018 was the year of cloud computing. According to CIO, last year saw cloud use for businesses increase to 96 percent. That means nearly every business is using it. And studies show that as businesses become more comfortable with cloud platforms, they move away from hybrid solutions (onsite and cloud storage) to multi-cloud solutions.

Combined with the increased adoption of smart automation and IoT systems, businesses are more at risk than ever of cyberattacks.

Bolstering security in high-risk areas is essential. Increased vigilance that goes beyond firewalls, anti-virus software, and password protection is a must.

  • Key takeaway: As the business community increasingly adopts IoT and cloud storage, you need to update your cybersecurity in 2021.

Physical Security Remains Essential

As attention continues to turn to cybersecurity, you wouldn’t be crazy to think the industry is putting less emphasis on physical security solutions. Actually, the opposite is true. Physical is a key component of any security system.

Use of existing technology like biometric entryways will help increase personalized security that’s easy to monitor and adjust in real-time. Third party verification from remote monitoring services will also grow. And technology will continue to multiply your coverage while helping your security team stay alert.

  • Key takeaway: In addition to stronger cybersecurity measures, physical security will help protect your staff and onsite information thanks to personalized service and greater coverage.

AI Continues to Grow

With so much attention being paid to both cyber and physical security, it’s no surprise that they’re beginning to merge via artificial intelligence.

Last year was a banner one for AI, and this year will only see the technology rise. Video analytics is one of the most sought-after AI developments. It allows your security team and monitoring service to maximize their scope.

Technology companies are using AI to analyze each frame of footage from your surveillance camera as an early warning system for both large crowd and small enterprise situations. Additionally, companies are developing software that uses predictive analytics to help queue management and workflow, as well as security.

  • Key takeaway: Video analytics puts more eyes on your surveillance footage, and the applications impact service as well as security.

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